datum: 30 - 03

This week we played against ZPB H&L Productions. Even though we started, in my opinion, with a lot of eager to show we don’t deserve to be the last on a league table, we couldn’t win this match.

Like I wrote before, we started really good. For me it was one of the best quarter since I’ve been in this club. We attacked, we were swimming a lot and we fought for every ball. And the result after first period was 1:3 for our team.

In the second quarter thing went south for us. We, as a team, are always trying not to point fingers and blaming others for our mistakes so I will say that it was “higher power” at work. And when “higher power” gets involved, usually, it is really hard to maintain concentration on your own game. during second quarter one of our best players in the previous game, got a red card for talking back to the referee. in this quarter our opponent got five or six man ups in a row so we couldn’t keep up with them. After they scored few goals our concentration fell and after second eight minutes we were behind 5:3.

Third quarter was not much better from our perspective, we even lost one more player through the ‘talking back at the referee’. After that it was hard to organise ourselves, but we managed to stay in the game through some good strikes and actions in the attack and some firm defence play. Here we didn’t do ourselves a favour: we missed four man up’s in a row and forgot to come back to 8-7.

We fought to maintain a good result but it was harder and harder mostly because of exclusions on our side (two more of our guys got their third exclusions). When needed the most we didn’t stay calm and we rushed our attacks to much, so they got chances and they took it.

The result at the end was 12:7, our first twelve minutes showed that we were at least equal to ZPB. However, we need to work on our consistency and show that form for four quarters. If we learned anything from this game it is to be more patience and to have more concentration at both ends of pitch. It is easy to lose our heads but now is the chance to learn how to get up, be strong and keep fighting.

We are looking forward to the next coming games to end the season with a positive result and prepare ourselves for the play outs.

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