datum: 20 - 02

We lost 3 points despite of the good play…

Our team played against the ranking leader (3rd) Donk Team during this weekend. The final score is 9-8 for the home team. We could give a good start that established the mood of the game. In the 5th minute we led 0-2. They have only managed to get their first goal in the 6th minute, due to our good defense.

By the end of the quarter, they succeed to catch up. We were playing a close game, but unfortunately we were the one who always ran after the result. The team has 4 new players who obviously need time to get to know each other. It also takes time to get used to the Dutch game and find their place in the team. Tactic needs to be built step by step and we still have a lot to learn from each other. There is a massive need for developing further. Defense is the most important thing throughout the game and personally I think the team is really good in this part.

Geschreven door: Gergő Bernula

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